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Group jumping on Rainbow Beach, Australia

Rainbow Beach and Sand Surfing

By Gillian Scholes

Last updated: 16th October 2011

I arrived at Rainbow Beach yesterday afternoon and met my Ranch Roomies who will be continuing onto in to the Outback with me. There is quite a big group of us including some French, Welsh, Danish and some local Brits who are all new to the farming world – not just me then!

That evening we went with the local hippie at Frasers Hostel on a bush walk to the Sand dunes where we had a go at sand boarding. There was a pretty stunning view through the sand dunes out to the Ocean and after running/sliding down to the bottom we didn’t quite realise that climbing back up would be so much harder! The Sand boarding was a lot faster than I thought it would be, after watching the first few people have a go and realising that going downhill head first was a major mistake and resulted in a mouthful of sand I went back in a comfortable seated position.

As night fell and sights of lightening started we decided to head back, walking through the hostel door as a major storm hit, pounding rain onto the tin roof – so we decided we better stay in and had a night playing pool and thinking about the Ranch jobs we would be doing in the next week.

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