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A path down to a busy Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Ultimate Year Out: Gap 360's Sydney Intro - Part 2

By Gap 360

Last updated: 27th November 2013

Gap 360's Becky and Melissa checked out our Sydney Intro trip during their year out, read on to hear all about their experience with it

Hi everyone! Have you caught up with our week 1 post about  Sydney Intro? If so, here's the second part of our big adventure!

Day 4 - Thursday

Today, we took advantage of the amazing weather and headed for our first ever visit to Bondi!! I have to say, it was pretty beautiful. They were filming Bondi Rescue at the time as well which was very exciting. We went along the costal walk where the annual sculptures by the sea festival was taking place and checked out the amazing views and artwork, then caught some rays and watched the surfers over a fab BBQ for the rest of the afternoon.

Day 5 - Friday (SURFING!)

The day we were looking forward to most had finally arrived. We got picked up and then driven down to surf camp and it was a quick change into wetsuits and down to the beach. I was hoping that it was going to be one those sports that came naturally, but I was sadly mistaken. It was the most fun and most embarrassing moment of our lives! Definitely worth a go. After surfing, you get driven back and then it's time for the pub crawl. Lots of drinks vouchers and you can check out the places to go in Sydney with everyone else on your fun week.

Day 6 - Saturday

After the surfing and the night out last night, the buffet lunch at the Westfield tower was definitely a welcome sight today. You go up the highest tower in Sydney and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. We had our first taste of crocodile, and some kangaroo and buffalo, but be sure to save room for dessert.

Day 7 - Sunday

After a long week, the only thing to do now is to enjoy the wildlife park. Head down to Darling Harbour and you can get your picture next to a koala and take a walk through the kangaroo enclosure. Best way to end the week!

They call it fun week here, and rightly so. One of the best weeks we've had so far, and we met so many lovely people. Highly recommend it! We're currently job hunting in Sydney at the moment, so we'll keep you updated how that goes.

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