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How to Keep in Touch While Travelling

Even if you are all grown up, or live away from home and think you are completely independent, your parents, friends and family will still worry about you when you go travelling. Keeping in touch is important because it makes the people back home feel at ease, knowing that you're safe and being kept updated on your travels.

Here are some top tips for keeping in touch while you’re away:


A great way of staying in touch is through using a roaming SIM card, which can be set up to be used in one or several different foreign countries. It's probably best to take a cheap mobile or buy one when you’re out there as anything expensive will undoubtedly get damaged, lost or pinched. Many networks now have special packages or options for when travelling abroad, so make use of these to save money. You could also buy a local SIM card while you’re out there a put it into an unlocked phone. This will save you money on internal calls to your new travelling friends, but international calls can be expensive.

Video Calls

Skype, FaceTime and other free video-calling platforms are a great way to stay in touch. Not only is it free, but it also means that you can see the other person. This can go a long way towards reassuring your parents that you are okay!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy and quick ways to keep people informed of where you are and what you are up to. Plus, social media is a great way to share embarrassing photos and fun stories from your journeys.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogs are a great way of keeping your family and friends informed of your whereabouts, so long as you don't mind them reading the content of your blog. It's a quick and cheap way to stay in touch, plus your travel tales will be of great interest to everyone back home and will no doubt make your friends insanely jealous!

Keep your Family in the Loop

You're bound to be having an amazing time while you're away and it can be easy to get swept up in it all and forget to keep in touch with people back home. Agree on regular contact with your friends and family, and let them know if you know you are going to be travelling in an area that doesn't have phone or Internet access. This will avoid any freak-outs back home!

Peace of mind all round!

If you keep in touch regularly while travelling you will make important connections with people back home which can be reassuring for you when you are away in a new location. It also gives your friends and family peace of mind. If your parents are still worrying, why not point them in the direction of our comprehensive advice for parents pages to put any last-minute worries to rest.

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