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Get 'in'! International Internships - The Way Forward

By Gap 360

Last updated: 17th June 2014

Let's face it, the job market today is a little bit tricky. With competition getting fiercer and fiercer, it's imperative that you make yourself stand out. With an internship, you can do just that, but with an international internship, you can REALLY put yourself on to map. 

Luckily for you lot, help is at hand in the shape of Gap 360's Claire. Imagine Claire as your career fairy godmother - she's our Business Development Manager and she spends her time at schools, colleges and universities talking to you lovely lot. To get the inside scoop on how internships can help all of you, we spoke to Claire to see why she thinks you should take part in an internship...

Get the chance to live, work and play in a brand new country

Our internships could take you around the world, from Hong Kong to Australia, China to Colombia. Not only will this give you the chance to pick up new skills in an international market, but employers will look to you as somebody who could show them new techniques/skills.

Awesome companies

We have some fantastic contacts within the industry; your internship could take you to a top tier company within your industry to a start up. Give us an indication of what you want and we'll make it happen!

Gain your independence

By getting up and going to a new country, you're showing to employers that you're not only adaptable and confident, but you're taking your career seriously and are looking to improve your skills by leaving behind your regular life for a couple of months. 

Putting what you've already learnt into practice

Spent the last three years studying for your degree? Put all of those hours in those lecture theatres into good use and get stuck in!

Make new contacts, meet new friends

A great aspect of an international internship is that you'll get the chance to meet new friends from all over the world! Remember to get your diary out, you'll make tonnes of new contacts too! '

The Process

If you're looking at applying for one of our CVs, good job buddy! You're well on your way to international stardom. To apply for one of our positions you'll need to pay your deposit, undertake an interview (phone or Skype) and within no time we'll partner you with a company which will not only thrive off your skillset, but will help you achieve what you want to too!

After your time in-country, you'll then receive a reference which will propel you in to the start of your career. Wahay!


Check out the internship programs available on our website.

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