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Skyline at night in Las Vegas, USA

Ditsy in Sin City: Thelma and Louise Eat Your Heart Out!

By Jane McLellan

Last updated: 27th September 2011

Las Vegas is the party capital of the world! My friend Kate and I drove 300 miles from LA to Las Vegas and it was a great drive. I was so happy driving along with my mate and with some top tunes blaring out from the stereo. We felt like Thelma and Louise cruising along the highway except for one thing. They drove a fabulous Thunderbird Convertible, whereas we drove a slightly less impressive Chevy Metro. We named her Ditsy. Ditsy was not as glam, but she was reliable and got us from A to B. She even had air conditioning, which was essential as the temperatures outside were about 40°C!

On arriving into Las Vegas, I learnt a lesson about travelling which is now an important rule of mine. Always pre-book your first night’s accommodation. I arrived thinking we would have hundreds of hotels to choose from. How wrong was I? It was a public holiday and every hotel we went to was full. It was getting dark and we started to panic, as we didn’t want to sleep in Ditsy. It’s not how we had planned to spend our first time in Vegas. After what felt like hundreds of calls, we finally found a room. It was more expensive than what we wanted to pay but after all the hassle we didn’t care.

Las Vegas, or Sin City as it’s commonly referred to, is one big amusement park for adults. It’s packed full of tourists, gamblers and drinkers. I thought it was a surreal but a magical place because anything is possible here. It’s a city where you can sleep in an Egyptian pyramid one night and eat dinner in the Eiffel Tower the next!

Time is irrelevant in Las Vegas, which just so happens to be a good thing as the casinos don’t have any clocks in them. The city never sleeps and there are fun things to see and do 24/7. I really enjoyed walking along the four-mile boulevard, which is more commonly known as The Strip. The Strip is lined with spectacular casinos and some of them are actual reproductions of famous landmarks, for example the Empire State Building and the canals of Venice. My personal favourites are the Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

Las Vegas does not have to be all about gambling on the game tables. You can catch a show, watch live music, climb the stratosphere tower, drink cocktails, eat yummy food, take a helicopter ride, and simply dabble on the slot machines or shop. Happy times!

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