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A-Levels Are Over! Five Epic Travel Adventures To Try Before You're 20

By Jessica Whyte

Last updated: 13th August 2015

So, A-Level results time has rolled round again and whether you’re delighted or disappointed with your results the truth of the matter is – school’s out! Forever!

As one chapter of your life comes to an end, so another begins… Do you know the best bit about that? Realising that for the first time in your life you’re free to do whatever you want! Let’s say that again in case it didn’t sink in the first time – YOU’RE FREE!

It’s time to celebrate, let off steam and start thinking about rewarding yourself for all that hard work. There’s no better way to make the most of your freedom than by going travelling: Whether you want to grab a short break away or sack off studying for a while and take a gap year.

To help kick-start your travel daydreams we’ve put together five incredible travelling adventures to try before you’re 20…

1. Have fun in Australia

Australia is the perfect escape after A-Level hell: Friendly, English-speaking, safe, ideal for meeting other travellers and about as far away from home as you can get! Oz is the place for year-round sunshine, stunning beaches, buzzing cities, adventure activities and the awesome outback, plus it’s the top destination to find paid work abroad too – what more could you ask for? If you fancy combining travel and paid work check out our brand new Big Aussie Adventure!

2. Party in Thailand

There’s a reason so many young travellers want to go to Thailand! Mix Bangkok’s lively nightlife with idyllic Thai islands, temples, wildlife, sensational scenery, beach parties and gorgeous sunshine and you’ve got the perfect travel cocktail. Join a group adventure tour such as our 3 or 4 week Thai Adventure or our 8-day Thai Intro tour, make new friends and pack in every experience imaginable on your Thailand tick-list. It beats revision hands-down any day!

3. Travel around Europe 

Europe is right on your doorstep – don’t you think it’s time to explore it now you no longer have to hit the books? It’s easy and cheap to get to and you can hop across for a short break and celebrate your freedom! Join a fun group tour around Europe and see amazing cities, beaches and scenery as you party and make new friends. Did you know that our multi-country European tours start from as little as one week? Wow!

4. Take a Road Trip in the USA

Fancy a well-earned, post-A-Level break in America, the land of opportunity? Hit the open road on an awesome Road Trip through the vast landscapes and super-sized cities of the USA! Make new friends as you cruise the highways and visit famous cities and landmarks such as Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, New York and of course party central, Las Vegas! Why not see all the sights on our 23-day San Francisco to New York Road Trip?

5. Have wildlife adventures in Africa!

Do something different now you’re a free agent and go on a wildlife adventure in Africa! Sport the Big 5 on safari, volunteer with wildlife or conservation projects, join an overland adventure or try extreme adventures as you discover all the wild wonders of Africa. Enjoy an African adventure and your A-Levels will soon become a distant memory! Want all this in one perfect package? Why not sign up for our South African Wild Adventure and see and do it all in one top trip?

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