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Aerial view of travellers on a boat

6 Reasons Why Working in Australia Will Be Your Biggest Regret Ever!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 13th October 2016

1It’s so much fun living and working in the same country day in-day out!

Faced by the same mundane tasks that you pretend excite you or spending what feels like every minute of your day in the library and thinking to yourself; “why would I want to leave all this?” right? We get it... moving to beach paradise for a year, sipping on cocktails overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the biggest decision to make being what you’re going to wear that night - is daunting and probably not worth it ...

We don’t know what this adventurous person was thinking -- “I’d always wanted to experience living in a different country, but work (and life) always got in the way. One day, after a particularly hard day in the office, I picked up the phone and booked a flight to Sydney for 5 months’ time."

2. Your weekends will never be the same again

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay or Whitsunday Islands in your spare time is boring compared to your weekends spent eating through a hangover on your sofa, regretting that last double vodka red bull. I know which weekend I’d be showing off on Instagram ...(the one with the half eaten pizza)!

This person is crazy -- “GO! The idea of packing your bags and leaving is scary, but the experience is literally life changing.”

People sandboarding down sand dunes

3. Making a load of new friends is never fun

 If you’re worried about making friends... you should be! Basically everyone is in the same situation: young, solo traveler, looking to create memories of a lifetime, so everyone will keep themselves to themselves and no one will want to have fun ....

This traveler is a little too friendly for us -- “Staying in hostels means that you meet new friends SO easily, so don’t stress if you are travelling solo!  Get involved in all of the social events that the hostel you are staying in organise (such as BBQ’s, city sightseeing tours etc), it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.”

4. Tanning is bad for you!

Let’s be honest, living somewhere with beaut weather for a year is just dangerous and no one likes a tan anyway! Cold and wet weather is what most of us are used to so why would you want to move somewhere hotter? *Winter coats + boots out, bikini’s + sandals in the attic*

A group of travellers drinking on a boar in front of the Sydney Opera House

5. £6.50 is better than £15 an hour ($25)

So you need a job to save for travelling or just to be able to fund those Saturday night drinks with your friends. Working in Australia ticks both of those boxes PLUS you’re earning anything up $25 an hour at the same time! Not only that but we’ll give you all the help and advice you need to find that perfect job.

6. You’ll remember your year working at home more than your year in Australia

The memories of slogging away at that smelly bar/ in that dull library won’t even come close to those you’d make in beautiful, beautiful Australia; surfing, sand boarding and dolphin spotting in your spare time. You’d be silly to swap what you’re used to for that!

Answer to all this: Lock yourselves at home/in the library and carry on doing the same ol’ thing – because essay writing in the cold and damp weather is great anyway!

Aerial view of travellers on a boat

Head over to our Paid Jobs Australia page for more info and chat directly to a member of our team for any further questions!

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