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Get a Carpentry Job Abroad

Get a Carpentry Job Abroad

Are you a carpenter who wants to see the world and find paid work abroad?  Want to put your carpentry skills to good use in some top destinations?  Carve out a place for yourself in awesome Australia or get a new opportunity in New Zealand on a gap year and find a paid carpentry job abroad.


Carpenters cash in!

Working in the construction trade is high on the list of ‘in demand’ jobs in Australia, so for any experienced carpenters it’s a great time to take the chance to travel and make some money abroad.  If you join up with a job program, they can help carpenters find work in exciting destinations Down Under.  Help build new houses on a New Zealand working holiday and cash-in on your one year working visa – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!  

Get tax breaks!

Work with wood around the world and see all the sights, with sun, sea, sand and surf Down Under.  Have an absolute Oz adventure in Australia and get great wages, working experience and top tax breaks too!  Get a carpentry job and make use of your skills abroad, setting yourself up for a secure future and some cool cash from carpentry work.  

Go for it! 

If you are a carpenter looking for a gap year abroad then catch the next flight out of here and find a carpentry job around the world.  Head off for sunshine, surf and sanding down, as you earn money and have amazing gap year adventures abroad!  

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