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Carpentry Jobs Australia

Carpentry Jobs Australia

Calling all carpenters!  Want to cash in on your carpentry skills and find paid work abroad?  Always dreamed of seeing Australia?  There are amazing opportunities to find carpentry work in Australia so check out the choice and you’ll be chilling on an Aussie beach before you know it!  

Cash for carpenters

If you’re an experienced carpenter then there’s work for you waiting in awesome Australia.  Construction jobs are on the ‘in demand’ list Down Under and carpentry skills are a great way of finding work, making money and taking time to travel around Australia on a gap year.  With a one year working visa you can cash-in on your carpentry work.  

Soak up the sun

If you work in Australia you can make a great wage as a carpenter, as well as enjoying top tax breaks and making money to see the sights.  Soak up the sun in your spare time with some sand, sea and surf time followed by a barbie on the beach.  If you join a job program then once you’re out on your absolute Oz adventure they can set you up with some jobs as a carpenter and the cash will start rolling in!  

Carve out a career

Start your Australian adventure and carve out a career in carpentry.  With the perfect carpentry job in Australia, you’ll have a gap year working experience that will blow you away!