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Fruit Picking Jobs Abroad

Fruit Picking Jobs Abroad

Want to see the world and find paid work abroad on your gap year?  If you love the great outdoors and are happy to get hands-on, then why not find some fruit picking jobs abroad and have a fun, exciting and energetic working holiday?

Fresh air and freedom  

Get fresh air and freedom as you find a fruit picking job abroad and get some gap year feel-good factor.  Scoop up some strawberries and pick up some pears - it’s a great way to make some gap year money.  With fruit picking jobs abroad you can cash in, soak up the sun and get to know some new friends on your gap year.  

Fun on the farm

Fruit picking is a popular way to work in New Zealand, and if you head out into the lush landscape you can have fun down on the farm.   Sign up for a job program and they can find you fruit picking jobs on a New Zealand working holiday you’ll never forget. 

Outback adventures

Have an outdoors outback experience as you rush down to the ranch and get a fruit picking job in Australia.  With a one year working visa you can get your dream job fruit picking Down Under, have an absolute Oz adventure and see all the sights in the sunshine, from Sydney to Alice Springs. 

Working windfall 

Put pennies in your pocket and save up for some serious travel, and don’t forget working abroad brings some terrific tax breaks too.  Pluck some plums and grab some grapes as you work your way to a windfall on a fruit picking job abroad!

Fruit Picking Jobs New Zealand

Take a gap year trip to New Zealand and have a working holiday in the great outdoors as you get fruit picking down on the farm in New Zealand's home from home

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Fruit Picking Jobs Australia

Enjoy the outback on an authentic Australian ranch and get paid to pick exotic fruit and see all the stunning sights from Sydney to Alice Springs in your spare time.

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