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Fruit Picking Jobs New Zealand

Fruit Picking Jobs New Zealand

Have some fruit-picking fun down on a New Zealand farm and find fresh air and freedom on your gap year.  If you want to travel, find paid work abroad and explore the great outdoors, then head over to Hobbit country and have some fruity fun in the sun!

Fruit picking fun in the sun

Fruit picking jobs in New Zealand are a great way to spend you gap year.  Flexible and fun, they allow you to make new friends and have the freedom to travel.  Join a job program in New Zealand and get set up with the perfect fruit picking paid work and have a New Zealand working holiday experience. 

Get a windfall! 

Add up your apples and count your kiwis and your fruit picking paid work will soon stack up to some serious cash.  Save up to travel and don’t forget the working windfall as you take up some top tax breaks when you return home.  A one year working visa means you have a whole twelve months of fruit-picking work to bag you some juicy dollars.

Fruity fun  

For outdoors types who want to see the world, a fruit picking job in New Zealand is like striking gap year gold.  If you know your blackcurrants from your blueberries then you’ve got all you need to get your fruit picking gap year going!   

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