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Bar Jobs Abroad

Bar Jobs Abroad

Want to make money and have fun on your gap year?  A bar job abroad is the best of both worlds as you get to travel, enjoy the nightlife and earn some bucks doing bar work abroad.  Bring on the buzz of the big cities and have a brilliant gap year that will blow you away!  

Go cocktail crazy!  

If you’re fun, sociable and like a good night out, then a bar job is the best way to make new friends on your travels, find perfect paid work and fill your pockets with some tasty tips. Work in an Aussie bar and show off your cocktail juggling skills, or learn some new skills on a New Zealand working holiday and have an awesome time in the adventure capital of the world!

Bonza bartenders

If you sign up to a job search program they can match your skills to suitable bar work and you'll soon be hitting all the bar hotspots.  Job programs offer specialist training in bar and cocktail-making skills, so make the most of your one year working visa and you'll soon master the magic of being a bonza bartender on an absolute Oz adventure.  

From bar to beach...

With great working wages, bar staff also take home some top tips which all adds up to boost your bar earnings.  Slip off to the beach in-between shifts and soak up the sun, surf or splash about in the sea.  With top tax breaks on offer and the chance to spend your earnings on seeing the sights Down Under, a bar job abroad is fun, flexible and gives you loads of travel freedom!

Bar Jobs in Australia

Get a bonza bartender job Down Under and make cocktails in Melbourne or pull pints in Perth. Find paid bar work in Australia and have an awesome Aussie gap year adventure.

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Bar Jobs in New Zealand

Get a bar job and enjoy the New Zealand nightlife with some paid work in the adventure capital of the world! A gap year bar job in New Zealand is your way in to wicked wages, top tips and tax breaks with a one year working visa.

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