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Bar Jobs in Australia

Bar Jobs in Australia

Want a backpacking experience but also want to find paid work abroad on your gap year?  With a bar job in Australia you can bring in some cash, check out the nightlife and make new friends.  Find buzzing bar work and make the most of your one year working visa! 

Boost your bar skills 

Bar jobs are hot property Down Under and if you head to Australia on your gap year you’ll grab a great chance to make money, have fun and brush up on your bar skills.  Join a job program and let them help you find work in Australian bars, as well as sending you off for some cocktail-making courses and boosting your bartending know-how. 

Take home top tips 

Become bonza bar staff as you work in Australia; you’ll make martinis in Melbourne, sip cocktails in Sydney or pack the bar full in Brisbane!  With great wages, tempting tax breaks and the advantage of some top tips in your pocket at the end of the working week, a bar job in Australia really is the best way to make the most of your gap year.  

See the sights

Enjoy all the awesome Aussie sights in your spare time between shifts, from amazing Ayer’s Rock to the Sydney Opera House, not forgetting lots of sun, surf and sand time on the beautiful beaches.  Have an absolute Oz adventure and get a bang-on bar job in Australia for some fun in the sun! 

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