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Pwathway to Aus

Pathway to Aus and Gap 360 have teamed up to offer you a free service to make it happen!

Whether you’re wanting to return to or extend your stay in Australia, studying can be the most affordable way to do so. If you study the right course, it could also put you on a pathway to applying for permanent visas in Australia. Find out more information below and sign up to Pathway to Aus with the button below to learn more about opportunities to study in Australia

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Who is Pathway to Aus?

Pathway to Aus is a registered education and migration agency that has been helping travellers and students from across the globe to study in and migrate to Australia since 2012. As education agents, Pathway to Aus can help you to find the right study course, help you get the right documents together for the enrolment and lodge the application on your behalf. As migration agents, once you're enrolled on a course, Pathway to Aus can do the student visa application for you. Pathway to Aus is paid by education institutes in Australia, so don't charge you for this service!

What and where can I study? 

There are 1000's of different courses available to international students in Australia. Popular areas of study include construction, marketing, business, sports, leadership, hospitality, design, tourism, events, beauty, IT, nursing, childcare, and more! There are courses in a range of locations in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Perth and Adelaide.

Student Visa Information

⏰ You can work for up to 48 hours per fortnight during class and unlimited hours during class holidays on a student visa

🦘 You can transfer from a working holiday visa to a student visa whilst in Australia – you won’t need to leave the country

🙌 You can be on a bridging visa whilst your student visa application is being processed - this is especially useful if you’re working holiday visa is close to expiring

💸 The visa application fee is currently $710

👋 There is no age restriction for a student visa – over 30’s welcome!

🐨 You can enter and leave Australia as many times as you like during your course

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Partners, spouses and children can be added as secondary applicants to the visa

💼 Studying the right course can qualify you for a graduate visa and other work or permanent visas for Australia

How do I pay for the courses and how long can I study for? 

All courses are available on payment plans! After an initial deposit to confirm your enrolment, international students can pay for their tuition fees per month, per term or per semester. Courses can be 6 months to 5 years and everything in-between. Your student visa would cover you for the duration of your course.

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