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Why Volunteering Abroad Is More than Just a CV Boost

Volunteering isn’t just about getting ahead in the jobs market. It’s about seeing the world, giving something back, and having incredible, life changing experiences. Here’s why volunteering is about so much more than boosting your CV:

You make a difference

Volunteering is not just an elaborate excuse for a holiday. You’ll be making a real difference, and soon see direct results of your work. Whether its conservation work, community aid, or helping out in schools, you’ll get the unbeatable buzz of knowing you’re changing lives.

You make friends

You’ll meet some amazing like-minded people while volunteering. Unlike ordinary travel tours, you’ll immediately have something in common with your fellow volunteers – a shared interest in what you’re volunteering in! Also, nothing brings people closer together than striving for a common goal. Through the struggles, the hiccups, and the spectacular successes, you’ll forge unbreakable lifelong friendships!

You have unique experiences

Volunteers get access to experiences the regular traveller can only dream about. If you volunteer with wildlife, you’ll get up close and personal with some gorgeous animals in natural settings, and if you volunteer with kids, you’ll make memorable connections with young people around the world. There’s no greater feeling than seeing positive changes in young lives – and knowing you did that!

You become part of the community

When you volunteer, you interact with local people and get a real flavour of local culture. Locals will welcome you into their homes, eat, drink, and laugh with you, and teach you about their lives. You’ll soon feel at home and be treated as part of the family!

It’s life changing

It sounds cheesy but volunteering will honestly change your life. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on the world around you, and a greater appreciation for other people’s lives. Many volunteers continue volunteering when they get home and get involved with awesome projects in their local communities. Plus, you’ll be equipped with a boatload of new skills and experiences that you can put into practice in the future!

And did we mention it’s a great CV boost…?

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