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Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

You’ve got an amazing trip planned, the countdown clock is the background on your phone and you can’t wait to capture all of your memories, a.k.a make your friends back home insanely jealous. BUT nothing can ruin your plans of becoming insta-famous than a bad photo. Check out our tips below to turn your photos from holiday snaps into something a little more Instagram worthy…

Let’s talk about filters…

We all know they can make a photo go from average to awesome but don’t just go in and whack any old filter on it. Double tap the pre-set Instagram filters to make subtle tweaks which will enhance the image without screaming “I used Valencia!” Alternatively, download VSCO cam for a more professional finish.

Clear out the clutter

This view is BEAUTIFUL – but do you know what isn’t? Sophie’s carrier bags full of knick knacks from the market spilling out in front of your feet. Keep the shots clutter free by taking a moment to remove unnecessary elements from the view of the camera, there is nothing worse than something that could have been avoided, ruining your photo.

Lights, camera, action

Unless you are taking a silhouette shot, never take a photo of someone with their back to a source of light, it will always be too dark. This can’t easily be edited (unless you are a photoshop pro) and will ruin your Sydney Opera House selfie everytime.

It’s all about perspective

Whatever country you are travelling around there is always the ‘classic’ landmark shot that everyone takes. Make your photos stand out from the crowd by shooting them with a slightly different angle or perspective (a lower perspective works well for iPhone users).

Let’s take a selfie

We all know them, we all (secretly) love them. An epic selfie is the ultimate traveller photo! For this one you just need to put your shame aside for a moment and crack out that selfie stick! Yes, it can be embarrassing for a moment but it will be long forgotten when you are racking up the insta likes, plus EVERYONE does it, seriously.

Double take

Even when you are trying to take a shot of something quickly make sure you take a second to look back at the photo. Nothing will irritate you more when going through your travel photos than realising the intricate Thai temple is slightly wonky or you’ve chopped the top off. Framing is really important when taking photographs and the biggest perk of iPhones and digital cameras is that you can get rid of the failed attempts and try again – make the most of this as it’s likely you won’t have a chance to go back and nail the shot another time!

Me, myself & I?

Although it can be tempting to capture all of your travelling moments in selfie form, mix it up and look for other things of interest to really get a feel of the country. For example a market stall laid out with exotic fruit and veg, a cool piece of graffiti that you stumble across or even photos of the locals, say fishermen whilst they work (with their permission of course!). After all, your friends already know what you look like – give them something else to prompt those likes!

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