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Top-down view of surfers paddling on foamy blue green water

The Great Australian East Coast

By Madeleine Carter

Last updated: 31st March 2013

Everyone thinks of the East Coast when you tell them you’re going to Australia for a gap year, and there’s a reason why, there’s just so much to do!

I’ve already gone into detail about how amazing my Whitsundays trip was and I think that was my favourite part! But there were so many other highlights too:

Surfing in Byron Bay- just the most awesome beach and great town with all the bars and hostels on the main street, everyone just walking around in their swim stuff. Definitely the most chilled place on the east coast. I didn’t get to do much surfing at all unfortunately, but my friends did surf lessons and said they were absolutely awesome fun and I for one am insanely jealous!

K'gari – so cool! The worlds largest sand dune island which sounds like just a fact but when you’re facing what looks like the biggest and smoothest sand pit you’ve ever seen, you’ll be as amazed as me! Not to mention the first ship wreck I’ve ever seen! AND Lake Mackenzie – spectacular!

And of course- the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve always been a bit afraid of the sea but snorkelling and scuba diving amidst the tropical fish of the Reef, there was no fear in me, just awe. Something that I think everyone should put on their Bucket List!

From the Cape Tribulation Rainforest north of Cairns to Worlds best ever pancakes in Darling Harbour, Sydney, travelling the East Coast was so much fun and almost every stop had a new experience in store; you could do this stretch of coast over and over and still not ever get bored or ever run out of new things to see and do!

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