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How to Stay Safe in the Sun

It is important to stay healthy on your gap year and making sure you enjoying the sunshine safely is crucial. Sunstroke and sunburn are not pleasant; the lobster look will never be fashionable and can cause so much damage to your skin, including skin cancer.

Regardless of your skin type, take care to stay safe in the sun and consider the following precautions:

  • Use plenty of high protection sunscreen and apply regularly. It's best not to hit the beach with less than factor 30 if you want to stay safe in the sun.
  • Re-apply regularly, especially if you swim in the sea or are sweating bucketloads!
  • Don't forget to apply extra sunscreen on your sensitive bits such as ears, nose, neck, shoulders, feet, and girls - remember your cleavage!
  • Get yourself a sun hat and wear it. It doesn't matter if you look silly, it's better to stay safe in the sun than miss a night out due to sunstroke!
  • Staying safe in the sun sometimes means not being in the sun at all. Avoid being out in the sun when it is at its strongest (between 11am and 3pm).
  • Take extra care on boats, when around water and on snow slopes where the sun's rays are reflected, making them stronger. You might not think sunburn is an issue when you're at the top of a snow-capped peak but honestly, it really is!
  • Staying safe in the sun is not just about sun cream. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration - aim to drink at least two litres a day, carrying a bottle around with you at all times and drinking continuously throughout the day.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol in the sun, and if you do, make sure you compensate for it by drinking plenty of water in-between.

Staying safe in the sun is an important part of staying healthy on your gap year!

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