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Seasonal Travel - Where to Go & When!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 14th May 2017

The year is long, and each season brings with it new feelings and a fresh dose of wanderlust. Check out our suggestions for the best trips for each season, and make this year one to remember!


Flowers are starting to bloom, animals are being born and summer is just around the corner. Celebrate the arrival of spring with a short gap, the perfect mini-break to whet your appetite for the summer. Explore Thailand in a week and a half on our Thai Intro, storm through Europe in 11 days on our Europe Express, or hire a campervan for a few days in the USA! Go on…It’ll put a SPRING in your step…


Summer is all about hanging out with your mates and packing in loads of awesome experiences. Grab a European Festival Pass and enjoy 4 four awesome festival and event experiences in Europe, including La Tomatina, the San Vino Wine Fight, Surf Camp in San Sebastian and Spring Break in Ibiza! Your pass is valid for two years and you only need to give 7 days’ notice to confirm your spot, giving you ultimate summer flexibility!


Nothing beats watching the leaves turn red and brown and crispy. Head over to the Canadian wilderness and live and work in the great outdoors as nature transforms around you. It’s a life affirming experience and a truly magical way to spend your autumn.


Guess what? Winter over here is summer over there! Escape the cold and rain and begin an Australian adventure in the height of summer. Our Big Aussie Adventure includes an East Coast travel pass, adventure activities and 12 months’ job support, setting you up with everything you need for an incredible experience Down Under

There you have it! A complete season by season travel itinerary. Give us a call on 01892 527392 and speak to a travel advisor for more seasonal travel advice!

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