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Two travellers sitting in a hut on the water in Thailand

My Thai Adventure

By Jon Hodson

Last updated: 21st February 2014

When you think Thailand you think of beaches, buckets and full moon parties. The Thai Adventure will show you that it does have all of this but it has so much more as well! There’s adventure, elephants, jungles and temples galore too along with enough knock-off Ray Bans to last a lifetime!

Two flights, lots of films and plenty of sleep later, I arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, my adventure in Thailand was under way!!!

Met on arrival at the airport meant I didn’t have to worry, I was taken to my hotel and met my room mate for the trip before it was straight out to Koh San road to be greeted by an array of sounds, smells and bright lights! There were stalls selling the customary cheap sunglasses and t-shirts, food stands with scorpions and crickets and then of course buckets everywhere. I knew this was going to be an epic trip.

A group of people in swimming gear on a beach in Thailand

Waking up after a bucket or three too many it was time for the city tour, a river boat ride through Bangkok’s waterways offers a unique insight into the city and a different point of view before experiencing the amazing temples, the Grand Palace is certainly well worth a visit.

After two days in Bangkok I was more than ready to move on, the elephant sanctuary was calling. A truly once in a lifetime hands on experience with these amazing creatures awaited, I got to wash and feed these awesome beasts and it’s certainly up there with the top highlights of my trip!

Another two days down we headed off on our jungle trek, after climbing for a few hours, stopping at a waterfall and then reaching our destination in the hills. Met with the most amazing food, we spent the night drinking and laughing around the campfire and singing Oasis songs very badly.

Chiang Mai was up next and some free time to explore the city famous for it’s night markets and Tiger Temple. The hotel had a pool so it was a chance to top up on the tan, or if you’re like me look like a beetroot. The nightlife in this city is awesome and I soon picked up where I left off in Bangkok… four days here whizzed by.

It was soon time to head to the islands; the journey down is broken up by a stop in the old capital of Ayuthaya. A boat and bike tour are in store and it proved an excellent place to recharge the batteries.

We headed to Koh Samui for some volunteering, getting involved in painting and dam building, it proved a hugely worthwhile experience and felt very much like we were giving something back to this awesome country that had so entertained us thus far!

Volunteers laying concrete for a building

Next up was Koh Tao, definitely my favourite place in Thailand and somewhere that I could spend hours writing or talking about. This island is famous for it’s diving and this was for sure the most incredible experience of the trip. The only way I can describe it is what I imagine it feels like to be an astronaut! Top tip, the pure oxygen was great for a hangover too!!! The beachfront bars are amazing, with fire performers on platforms out at sea dazzling you as you drink and dance the night away.

Jon Hodson and fellow travellers posing for a photo with Thai bucket drinks in hand

Last up for the trip was Koh Phangnan, the island everyone had been waiting for, the Full Moon party was imminent!!! In the days leading up to full moon the island is alive with activity, parties each night; a jungle party, a waterfall party and a pool party all warm you up for the main event. It was then time to don the glow paint and get geared up for a mental night, the world’s biggest party, on a beach!!!!

After Koh Phangnan rounded off the trip, there’s a transfer back to Bangkok, I’d recommend spending one extra night to round it all off before flying home.

Thailand is incredible! The trip was absolutely amazing! Beaches, culture, elephants, jungles and parties, what are you waiting for?! It has everything you want!!!!

If I have inspired you to visit Thailand please check out the Thai Adventure!!


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