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Landscape of view from Phi Phi viewpoint, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Meeting in the Middle

By Gap 360

Last updated: 25th January 2014

What do you do when your travelling halfway around the world and miss your family and friends like crazy? Choose a country in the middle and explore it together! Gap 360's Becky shares her experience meeting her boyfriend in Thailand in the middle of her travels around Australia.

I have been away for 5 months now and loved every second of it. I keep in touch with family and friends regularly using email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and... (the best invention ever) ...Skype! It's great to be able to speak and see people you know no matter where in the world you are and all you need is wifi. However,  if you get the chance to meet a loved one whilst travelling you should jump at the chance!

I have recently come back from an amazing two week holiday in Thailand to meet my boyfriend. We had always talked about meeting each other in Australia as this seemed like the best option available to us but once the idea of meeting in Thailand arose our minds were made up! We were able to spend more time together due to shorter travel times and we were able to eat out every night and go on amazing day trips, even with our tight budgets. 

We wanted a relaxed beach holiday (but also wanted to explore) so the Thai islands seemed like the perfect option. We met each other in Bangkok and travelled to Phuket, Phi Phi and Khao Lak. We were able to treat ourselves to a few nice hotel resorts which was a nice change from my backpacker hostels! Most people have heard of Phuket and Phi Phi islands because they are very popular destinations. They have a relaxing beach of the day and a mad party scene in the evening- what's not to love?!

However, if you want something a little bit different I recommend Khao Lak. It's only two hours away from Phuket and it's a lovely beach town with a national park close by. We decided to spend a day exploring the national parks and it's many beautiful waterfalls. Tip: Make sure you take your swim suit for a dip in the water! Khao Lak is also a great place to go diving because the Similian islands and some other amazing dive sites are just off the coast. My boyfriend did two dives and I snorkelled, between us we saw a sea snake, clown fish, octopus, moray eel, sting ray and loads of colourful fish. Was so much fun!

When me and Melissa came away we never dreamt people would come and meet us out here because it's such a long way. However, Mel has her mum, dad and sister coming over to Sydney next week and my sister comes then too! Turns out they just needed an excuse to travel somewhere they've always wanted to!

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