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It's Labor Day in the USA!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 29th August 2015

Monday 7th September is Labor Day in the USA, it’s a three day weekend, marking the end of summer. It’s time for kids to get back to school and it’s also the start of the NFL season (that’s American football to you and me but just plain ‘football’  to them). And as all American gals know, you can’t wear white shoes after Labor Day!

Labor Day celebrates the strength, prosperity and well being that workers have contributed to life, the economy and everything else that makes up the American dream and it just so happens we’re sending five au pairs over to start making their own contribution to America on that day!

We’ve got Coral Bruton going to Maryland, Carla Garnett and Megan Mclean going to New Jersey, Katie Stoker off to California and Ruth Nelson making her way to the far left-hand corner, all the way to Seattle, WA.

Our lovely au pairs are timing it right by hitting NYC on Labor Day, as it’s a day when the stores have massive sales on, so if the girls can handle the jet lag, they’ll be able to squeeze in a bit of shopping before orientation starts on Tuesday morning and get some sneakers to replace those white wedge sandals.

We hope they all have a great year and keep in touch with photos of cute kids and all the Stateside news!

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