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Getting Ready for the Trip...

By Georgia Wilson

Last updated: 13th November 2012

It’s 3 days until I go off on my 4 week trip to India!

I’ve started getting my backpack together and before I’ve even put any clothes in it’s already half full with insect repellent, Imodium and a ridiculously large First Aid kit which my overbearing mother is insisting I take.

How did I fit everything in last time?

Even though I’m quite an experienced traveller, I’m still nervous about the trip.  My main fear is getting ill (hence the life time supply of Imodium) and then all the normal nerves, like meeting new people, culture shock, getting homesick, missing my family and boyfriend! But similarly I’m so excited; it feels too long since my last adventure!

I’ve had my jabs, got my visa, printed off everything I need, photocopied all my important documents, written down all the emergency numbers, bought medicine for every possible illness… all that’s left is to pick out my outfits!

Can’t wait!!!

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