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Birdseye view of La Isla Tortuga shoreline, Costa Rica

Back in the Motherland...

By Shakia Stewart

Last updated: 1st December 2011

After a mammoth journey involving a 6 hour bus journey, two 6 hour flights, 2 hours on the tube and another bus journey of 2 and a half hours over several days I am finally home. I am absolutely chilled to the bone, even though I'm indoors and wearing several layers of clothing, including my coat – I am even considering putting my gloves on right now…welcome back to England!!

It has been so lovely seeing my friends and family after a month away, although I'm sure they will start to get annoyed soon as every sentence starts with 'When I was in Costa Rica…'. Looking back now it almost seems like a dream! To think that this time last week I was on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, cycling around on my wonderful pink bicycle, sampling the local delicacies and having nothing more pressing to think about other than whether or not to have another dip in the sea…

My time away was a truly amazing experience. In such a short time I did so much, saw so many new and wonderful things, met some incredible people, and learnt a lot about another country's history and culture. I also spent time travelling alone which has definitely increased my confidence as an independent traveller, and has certainly given me a taste for more work, volunteering and travel abroad! I'm now thinking of doing a TEFL course which would mean I could work and travel abroad by teaching English. The possibilities are endless…Thailand? China? Peru? Perhaps Brazil?? Too exciting! As long as I don't have to deal with frozen toes and long, dark winter nights I will be happy! All that remains to be said for now is, thank you Gap360, for a wonderfully brilliant experience in Costa Rica that I will never, ever forget!

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