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Two travellers with backpacks entering a hostel

8 Tips for Hostel Life

By George Meredith

Last updated: 22nd May 2016

Hostels are the staple of backpacking lifestyle. Don’t be a hostel novice, check out our top tips for hostel living and make the most of your dorm experience!

1. Get social

Speak to people! Most hostel guests are young backpackers doing exactly the same things as you – travelling! Pluck up your courage, approach people, and introduce yourself. Not only will you meet a whole host of interesting travellers, you could also get tips of what to see in the area, and gain some new friends to explore with.

2. Ask around

The hostel staff should be your go-to source for local info. They’ll have loads of fab recommendations about where to go and what to see, and also sneak you some inside knowledge about local drinks deals!

3. Bag a bunk

Top or bottom? Top bunks give you a bird’s eye view of the dorm room, but then who wants to scramble up a ladder when they get back late at night? Whatever your preference – make your bed and lie in it!

4. Take a lock

Don’t be the one constantly running back to the dorm room to check on your stuff. Hostel rooms usually have lockers and most will offer locks to rent.  Take one with you to avoid the extra charge. Combination locks are best as there’s no key to lose. Now you can get out there with nothing to worry about!

5. Keep it tidy

A trail of clothes leading to your bed may be sexy in the movies, but in hostels it’s just plain annoying. No one wants to be stepping over someone else’s warm boxers first thing in the morning. Make sure you keep all your stuff together -not only does this get you in your room mates’ good books, but it also keeps all your belongings safe.

6. Keep it down

Hostel rooms are, believe it or not, for SLEEPING! Don’t crash in drunk in the early hours and turn on all the lights, unless you enjoy having things thrown at you. Also keep your music down, even if your headphones are in. Some tinny Justin Bieber is sure to ruin someone’s night.

7. Watch the plughole

Hostels are generally kept very clean but shared showers can sometimes host an interesting collection of body bits. Pack some flip-flops to wear in the shower, or else spend the day plucking nether hairs from between your toes!

8. Have fun

 Hostels are seriously awesome places that will kick off some amazing adventures. Follow our tips, meet new people, and have a fantastic time!

Oh, and when you get home, be prepared to start a lot of your best stories with ‘So, we were at our hostel…’

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