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6 Reasons to Join a Group Trip with Gap 360

By Gap 360

Last updated: 10th August 2023

Olivia (@oliviayoulton) won one of our competitions back in 2015 and this year, she adventured off on two of our most popular group trips! Ticking off her bucket list and making new friends on Thai Intro and Australia East Coast Adventure. Read on to hear first-hand why Olivia thinks group trips are the perfect way to travel.

I joined two of Gap 360's Group Trips, the 12-day Thai Intro and the 5-week Australia East Coast Adventure. I met so many lovely people and had the most amazing time. Now you may be wondering, why do an organised tour and not just go it alone? Well, I've compiled a list of 6 reasons why a tour with Gap 360 is the best way to travel.

1. The friends you’ll make

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On a Gap 360 tour, you’ll travel as part of a group of around 20 (depending on the tour) 18-35 year olds. The majority of which are from the UK but you can join from anywhere in the world. Most people sign up solo and everyone is there to make friends so it’s easy to find people you click with. You’ll also be spending your entire trip with these people and experiencing all these new things together so you become close pretty quickly. 

2. You can relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about planning

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Having experienced both a tour and solo travel, one of the main things you will benefit from is not having the pressure of planning everything yourself. Your accommodation, transport and some activities and meals are included in the price of the trip so all you have to do is turn up. This allows you to properly relax as you aren't having to think about where you are going next and you can just have fun which is the point of travelling anyway! 

3. The memories you’ll make

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You will visit some of the most incredible places on earth as part of Gap 360’s carefully curated trips. They have been planned by travel experts so you don’t miss out on anything. There is also a perfect mix of culture and fun. There is also usually a diverse group of people so you will find people who want to do the same things as you whether you like a night out or prefer early morning yoga.

4. Free travel advice from one of the experts at Gap 360

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Before you book a trip you can organise a free video or phone call with one of Gap 360’s expert travel advisors to discuss your options. They are extremely helpful and talk you through all your options. It means the hardest part for you is deciding which trips to go on as they all sound so incredible!

5. Knowledgeable group leaders to help if anything goes wrong

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During the tour, you will be guided by a group leader. They are always so nice and helpful that you feel safe at all times. Shoutout to Sokha Lolly our group leader for the Thai Intro who was so knowledgeable and always made sure everyone got home safe on our nights out and to Ben Storie, the group leader for my Australia East Coast tour who was so friendly and helped out a member of our group when they were unwell.

6. Access to a 24/7 emergency line

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Whilst you are travelling, you will have constant access to an emergency phone line should anything go wrong. Luckily I never needed to use this, however, I felt secure knowing that our group leader or the Gap 360 team were always there to help.

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