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Landscape of Taj Mahal, Agra, India

30 Travel Experiences to Tick Off Before Your 30th Birthday

NEWSFLASH! You’re not getting any younger! The clock is ticking and before you know it your 30th birthday will be just around the corner.

When you blow out those 30 candles you want to know you’ve made the most of your 20s. Don’t be drowning in cake and regret!

Check out our list of 30 travel experiences to complete before you turn 30, and start ticking them off one by one!


1. See the Great Barrier Reef Up Close

This magical underwater world has to be seen to be believed! Learn to dive and explore.

2. Explore K'gari

White sands, shipwrecks, lakes so pure you can drink from them…what’s not to love?

3. Travel along the East Coast

A must for any backpacker. The beaches are exquisite, the nightlife is epic and you’ll meet friends for life at every turn.

4. Kayak on Milford Sound

This gorgeous mountain-fringed lake is straight out of a fairy tale. Explore it from the water.

5. Work!

You can’t get a working holiday visa in Australia or New Zealand after you turn 30. So get one now and earn cash on your travels!


6. Meet elephants

These majestic creatures are stunning. See them up close.

7. Attend a Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

King of all parties – no exceptions. Prepare for the greatest night of your life.

8. See the Taj Mahal

If you don’t get a picture by the Taj Mahal, have you even been travelling?

9. Delve into Kyoto

This enchanting Japanese city is all colourful forests, tranquil temples and traditional torii gates. Simply magical.

10. Camp on the Great Wall of China

Camping on the Great Wall is a special experience. No sunset/sunrise will ever compare.

North America

11. Road trip across America

The holy grail of all travel experiences is the great American road trip. What are you waiting for? Just do it!

12. Peer over the Grand Canyon

This incredible natural wonder is truly breathtaking. Cameras at the ready!

13. Explore Yosemite National Park

The USA is home to some wonderful National Parks. Yosemite must be one of the best. Rushing waterfalls, sweeping mountain slopes and thick forest. It doesn’t get much better than this.

14. Stay up all night in Vegas

This weird and wonderful city is as exciting as it is disorientating. Make like a high-roller and spend a night in the casino.

15. Camp in the Canadian Wilderness

Get back to nature in the ruggedly beautiful landscapes of Canada.

South America

16. Trek the Inca Trail

Another bucket list essential. An incredible hike culminating in sunrise at majestic Machu Picchu.

17. Party in Rio

No one parties quite like the Brazilians! Enjoy the festive atmosphere in this buzzing city.

18. Stay at a Homestay

A homestay offers a unique insight into local life abroad. Staying with a host family in South America will open your eyes to an entirely new way of living.

19. See Iguassu Falls from either side of the border

These mighty falls are breathtaking. Feel the power of the rushing waters that divide Argentina and Brazil.

20. Gaze across the Uyuni Salt Flats

Visiting these salt flats is like being on another planet. Formed by prehistoric lakes, this otherworldly reflective surface has to be seen to be believed.


21. Follow the Garden Route

Africa’s greatest road trip awaits. It may take a while though. This coastal road is so stunning that you will be pulling over every five minutes to marvel at the view.

22. Safari in Kruger

Africa is home to some incredible wildlife. Delve into Kruger National Park and see amazing animals up close, including lions, elephants and rhinos.

23. Volunteer

Volunteering is an amazing way to travel. It’s super-rewarding and offers a unique insight into life abroad. Africa has a range of volunteer opportunities, offering everything from teaching placements to wildlife conservation.

24. Climb Kilimanjaro

This is the big one. Conquer it and enjoy bragging rights forever!

25. Bliss out on Zanzibar

Your 20s can be stressful. Switch off and unwind on Zanzibar’s stunning white-sand beaches.


26. Sail around Croatia

Who knew there was such a stunning place in Europe? Get out on the water and enjoy the sailing lifestyle.

27. Get messy at La Tomatina

This weird and wonderful festival sees you hurling tomatoes at strangers. Who doesn’t want to do that?

28. Drink in a German beer hall

Beer is best served cold. In a German beer hall. By someone wearing Lederhosen. You have to experience Oktoberfest before you turn 30!

29. Cruise along the Venice canals

This city of canals and waterways is everything you imagine it to be. Sit back in your gondola and watch the world go by. Bliss.

30. See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are jaw-droppingly brilliant. There’s nothing more life affirming than seeing the raw power of nature up close. Head up to Iceland and gaze at the sky.

So that’s it. 30 travel things to experience before you turn 30!

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