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Person looking up at a departures board in an airport

10 Signs You're a Proper Traveller

The seasoned traveller. Most people like to think that’s exactly what they are, regardless of whether they’ve travelled the globe for the last two years or have only ever spent a few weeks over the last decade at an all-inclusive, courtesy of mum and dad. But actually, travelling’s in the experience rather than the distance or time spent in other countries. Think you've been there, done that, got the t-shirt etc.? Not until you've ticked a few key things off the list...

You know you’re a proper traveller when:

1. You have a permanent flip-flop tan that makes your feet look forever grubby. But you’re only a proper traveller when you stop explaining to people that your feet aren’t dirty – because; let’s face it, slightly grubby feet are the least of your hygiene worries by now.

Two sets of feet on a beach

2. Fashion means nothing to you, comfort is king, and anyway, you rather like your elephant trousers and mismatching tank top combo. Brand names? The only brand you wear these days is Chang beer.

A group of travellers standing in front of a golden temple

3. You’ve managed to get yourself some proper flight bargains, only to realise if you’d have spent £20 more, you could have got yourself a super speedy direct flight rather than taking three connecting flights over the course of two days. But that’s fine; you wanted to see more of the world anyway.

Person looking up at a departures board in an airport

4. You know how to order a beer in most of the countries you’ve been to. Or can at least say the word ‘beer’ in enough languages to get by.

A hand holding a bottle of beer

5. You decided to get a tattoo during your travels, which at the time seemed really profound and relevant, but now you can’t really remember what it’s supposed to mean. It looks alright though.

An outstretched arm with a world map tattooed on

6. You’ll happily eat unidentifiable food and no longer bother the waiting staff with daft questions like ‘what meat is used in the meat curry?’ It tastes like chicken anyway, so, you know, it’s probably fine.

A bowl of food

7. You no longer waste precious time searching for a western toilet, and you’ve definitely experienced the grim reality of ‘splash-back’. Hmm, perhaps you should have asked what meat was in that curry after all. Oh, and you might want to hose off your feet – that water hose comes in handy for all sorts…

A squat toilet

8. You used to freak out if there was a cockroach, spider, or scorpion within 100 metres of your hostel dorm, now you’re just happy to share your immediate sleeping area with anything that doesn’t snore, fart, or burp constantly through the night.

Bunk beds in a hostel

9. You love sampling the local cuisine of every new country. The aromas, the spices, tasting something completely new to your taste buds – it’s all part of the travel experience… but you’ve also eaten McDonald’s in every country you’ve visited, because, well, nothing beats a Big Mac.

A sign in Spanish pointing to a Mcdonalds

10. Your phone’s contacts list has doubled in size and your social media accounts are packed with incredible photos of you and your new travel buddies having the most amazing time. Travel buddies, by the way, are for life, not just for gap year.

A group of travellers on a boat taking a selfie


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