Get a Plumbing Job Abroad

Are you a plumber who wants to travel and try your trade abroad?  Want to do an honest day’s work and get hands-on in a plumbing job around the world?  Prove you’ve got what it takes as a plumber; it’s the perfect skill with which to find paid work at home or abroad.  

Wanted: Plumbers for jobs abroad!

Plumbing will always be in demand and as an NVQ qualified plumber you can get a great job abroad on a gap year with a one year working visa. Why not work in Australia and get to see the world?  
Get a plumbing job abroad

Plumbers in demand

Plumbing is on the ‘skills in demand’ list in Australia and if you head Down Under you can join a job program, search for a plumbing job in Australia and put your skills into practice.  Then after a hard days work you can relax with a barbie on the beach, do some diving or surf the waves in your spare time. 

Earn good money abroad

Once you’re out there earning good money on a plumbing job abroad you can travel, see the world and boost your plumbing skills.  Take a New Zealand working holiday that sets you up with a job program that will help you find a paid plumbing job in New Zealand.   

Make a mint!  

Get all the perks of time off in the sun, have awesome adventures and see the sights at the same time as making a mint.  Pick a plumbing job abroad and your perfect job can be more than just a pipe dream!