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Gap Year Expeditions

Gap Year Expeditions

For a truly adventurous gap year, you could sign up for a unique and challenging expedition that will test your limits and give you the unforgettable gap year experience of a lifetime!  An adventure travel expedition is a physically challenging way to spend your gap year abroad but, as with all challenges, it brings it own special rewards and an immense sense of achievement and satisfaction. A dynamic expedition gives the gap year traveller a chance to explore some of the most incredible landscapes on earth, heading off the well-beaten tourist track, into untamed and unknown terrain. 

Hiking heaven

If you are a keen hiker with a taste for a testing trek through tough terrain then a gap year hiking expedition could be for you.  Why not make your way up one of the world's most majestic mountains as you strap on your hiking boots and climb Kilimanjaro for the ultimate trekking challenge?   Or put on your power-walking kit and get ready to be tested as you lose yourself in Latin America; follow in the footsteps of the ancient Incas as you trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.  If you want some fun on foot then head to a hiking hotspot and huff and puff your way to the hands-down highlight of your gap year. 

Wild wonders

Have a gap year expedition with a difference as you go wild across the world with some wonderful adventures.  If you want a wildlife expedition that will wow you then why not try a South African Adventure?  You get to take a once-in-a-lifetime safari drive through Kruger National Park, spend the night in a Zulu camp and scale Table Mountain for epic views of Cape Town  It's the ultimate African expedition!  Want an outrageous Australian outback adventure?  A gap year expedition doing a ranch job in Australia is a truly unique and incredible experience that lets you ride out on horseback, be a fantastic farmhand and lasso your way to a year of ranch work going walkabout down under.  The more unusual the expedition the more thrilling the challenge, so don't hold back, go wild!

Land ahoy!

For the budding sailors amongst you, there's no better place to be on your gap year than drifting across the water on a boating bonanza.  For an ocean-going expedition head out onto the high seas for a Sailing Whitsundays & Great Barrier Reefadventure. A water-based expedition is the ideal pursuit for those who dream of a life on the ocean wave! 

Explore the world

Whatever expedition grabs your gap year fancy, they are the perfect way to explore foreign destinations and do something diverse and different on your gap year.  They are also a great way to improve your physical and mental strength, increase stamina and enhance your independence.  They will test your ability to work as a team and challenge you with new responsibilities and adventures. Your determination and dedication will pay off and you will have an amazing life achievement with which to wow future employers and everyone back home. There are so many incredible places to discover and fantastic expeditions on which to explore the world and you'll be left with some unforgettable memories you will treasure forever. 

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