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Farm Work Australia

Farm Work Australia

Want to fly off abroad and do farm work in Australia?  Find freedom and have fun working on a farm Down Under on your gap year, and enjoy the outback on an outdoor adventure.  

Farm work freedom

For the perfect way to find paid work abroad on your gap year, look no further, as farm work in Australia offers a top trip driving tractors, getting hands-on herding cattle, or getting paid to do ploughing or planting in the great outdoors.  If you’re a fully fledged farmhand or a farm work first-timer, enjoy an active outdoor adventure on a gap year down on the farm.  

Saddle up!

Saddle up and get herding as you hop on a horse and round up the runaway animals on an Australian ranch.  Or make the most of your gap year on a motorbike, as you explore the Aussie outback on an absolute Oz adventure and keep the farm functioning.  With money in your pocket you can make the most of your gap year as you have full-on fun on the farm and take some time to travel too.  See the sunshine, sights, sea and surf in stunning Australia in your spare time!

Ranch adventures  

If you are an outdoor type or want to work with awesome animals, then a ranch job in Australia is the ideal way to have an exciting adventure gap year abroad.  Fly off abroad, find a farm job and feel the freedom in amazing Australia!   

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