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Farm Work Abroad

Farm Work Abroad

Fancy some fun down on the farm?  If you’re looking for farm work abroad then look no further… get going on a gap year and enjoy the great outdoors as you have an agricultural adventure and get fit with some farm work abroad.  Join a job program and jet off to find farm work and freedom! 

Farming life

Get your hands dirty down on the farm as you do some paid work cattle droving, help with harvesting, take on some tractor tasks, get hands-on as you herd the animals or hop on for some horseback riding.  Whether you are an experienced farm hand or are new to farming life, there are so many skills you can use while working on the land, from mechanical repair work to handy horse-riding skills.


Farm Work New Zealand

Have fresh air and fun down on the farm as you head for the great outdoors in New Zealand. A working holiday in New Zealand lets you turn your hand to farm work for paid work freedom.

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Fun on the farm 

Farm work is full-on fun and gives you the freedom to see some out-of-the-way places on your gap year.  Rock up to a ranch job in Australia and explore the Australian outback as you dare to drive cattle Down Under on an absolute Oz adventure.  Or enjoy the freedom and fresh air on a New Zealand farm as you have some hands-on horse play on a New Zealand working holiday.

Farm Work Australia

Get going to a ranch in the outback and have an Australian adventure as you get stuck in to some paid work down on the farm and have a full on gap year experience.

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See the sights!   

If you love working on the land or want to get active and work with animals, farm work abroad could be the ideal way to spend your gap year.  Earn some serious cash and make the most of the sunshine and sights of some of the world’s top hotspots with a farm job abroad.  

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