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Farm Work New Zealand

Farm Work New Zealand

Want some fresh air and fun on the farm in your gap year?  If you want to work on a farm then why not see the world at the same time and take up a new opportunity for fantastic farm work in New Zealand?  

Paid work down on the farm

New Zealand is all about the great outdoors, and has the wow-factor with some of the world’s most stunning scenery.  If you want to get active and earn some money then find some farm work on a New Zealand working holiday.  Join a job program and make the most of your one year working visa, as they set you up with some paid work down on the farm.  

An honest day’s work

If you like to tinker with tractors, hope to help out herding cattle, would like to get your hands dirty with an honest day’s work or want to head off on a horse riding adventure, finding paid work on a farm is a fun and healthy way to earn a wage in New Zealand.  From animal adventures to mechanical magic, a farm job has it all!  

Awesome adventures!  

If you’re an expert in agriculture or a first time farm worker, farm work can set you up with some serious skills and you can take time out to try some awesome activities in New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world!  

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