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Transferring Money to an International Bank Account

If you require an international bank account overseas as part of your travels, if you are going to work abroad for example, it can be extremely costly to transfer hard earned savings from your UK account to your new international account. A great and safe way to avoid paying big bank fees is to use a service such as Wise.

Avoid big bank fees

Wise has no hidden costs and is really simple to use. You can find out exactly how much you are paying (usually only a couple of pounds) before you go ahead with the transaction.

Get the best exchange rates

Wise uses the 'mid-market' rate when working out the exchange rate, this is the fairest rate and the one you will find on Google etc. Banks and other money changing facilities don't often pass this rate on to customers which is how they make a lot of their money from international transfers! Having a fair exchange rate means you get to keep as much of your money as possible when exchanging currencies!

Keep track of your money

You'll get updates via email at every stage throughout the transfer so you know that your money is safe, you can even download the Wise app to keep track of progress.

Find out how much you could save

To find out how much you could save, check out Wise here.

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