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Open Aged Trips For All Travellers!

Are you looking for your next travelling adventure? Our amazing range of open-aged travel programmes could be just what you’re looking for! Do you want to use your holiday time to do something different? Maybe you want to take a career break and see the world? Or have you got free time on your hands and want to keep broadening your horizons? Our open-aged trips are suitable for all ages, including the over-30's. Why wait? The world is your oyster!

Our open-aged travel programmes offer an ideal experience for discerning travellers of any age or stage of life. Accommodation is usually designed so you can stay in greater comfort. Most of our trips also offer an opportunity to upgrade to a single room. Group sizes tend to be smaller so you can enjoy a more exclusive experience. If you want to take a trip tailored to suit your stage of life, check out our exciting range of open-aged trips. It’s time to grab your bucket list and go travelling!

7 days to 6 months!

Hire a campervan and explore America at your own pace! Stay in funky hand-painted vehicles complete with bedding, cooking equipment and up to 100 free driving miles allowance per day. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go – you’re in the driving seat!

from £55

5 or 11 days

Spend between 5 or 11 days touring Northern Thailand’s most beautiful mountain scenery in your very own tuk tuk for the adventure of a lifetime.

from £529

5 days or more

Travel the length and breadth of Australia and plan your own itinerary or simply go wherever the mood takes you, behind the wheel of your own trusty campervan.

from £29

2-8 weeks

Volunteer with kids at schools in gorgeous Fort Kochi in Kerala. Help teach English in schools and care for kids as a volunteer in inspirational India!

from £629

2-8 weeks

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica and live with a Spanish family in a homestay as you learn a new language and explore amazing Costa Rica on this Spanish-speaking experience!

from £939

2-4 weeks

Spend 2-4 weeks in the Canadian countryside helping out on a rural farm! Experience life in the great outdoors, learn about farm living and discover new skills – all in the spectacular surroundings of rural Canada!

from £849

5 days

Make your way to South Africa for a unique safari adventure in one of the world's most famous wildlife reserves, Kruger National Park.

from £619

3 days

Live on board a gorgeous cruise vessel and explore exclusive dive spots in the Outer Great Barrier Reef. See breathtaking underwater architecture and vibrant marine life with up to 11 dives in this spectacular location. Includes two enchanting night dives!

from £499

15 days

Spend 15 days travelling around the incredible sights on offer in India, discovering all the top highlights, including the iconic Taj Mahal, the River Ganges, Jaipur and the amazing Amber palace.

from £1,019

7 days

Trek to an incredible lost city in the heart of the Colombian jungle. Discover the magical Ciudad Perdida and complete a unique and memorable trek!

from £499