Colombia Lost City Trek

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Duration: 7 days

7 day guided group trek in Colombia
Learn about indigenous culture
Camp in the heart of the jungle!

Jet over to Colombia and complete a unique and spectacular trek! The Lost City (known as ‘Cuidad Perdida’) is an amazing and little-known gem that has only recently become a feature on travel bucket lists. Head off the beaten track and trek through dense jungles and indigenous villages towards this ancient civilisation. You’ll sleep in hammocks, cool off in rivers, and follow an expert indigenous guide along the route. This is a truly magical and memorable experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Please note: This is an open-aged trip.

Trip highlights

  • Discover Colombia’s unique and ancient history
  • Trek through breathtaking landscape with a native guide
  • Wander through mysterious, isolated Kogi villages
  • Explore the incredible Lost City of Teyuna
  • Stay in hammocks and bunks in rustic jungle campsites!
Further trip information

Day 1: Santa Marta. Arrive at any time and meet the rest of your group. No activities are planned for today, so depending on the time you arrive you can head out and explore Santa Marta for yourself.

Day 2: Santa Marta/Wiwa Camp. Travel to Machete Pelao. The trek begins through farmland in the river valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You’ll hike a combination of uphill and flat terrains and arrive at your first campsite this afternoon.

Day 3: Wiwa Camp/TeyunaParaiso Camp. The trek continues along the river, following a steep incline towards the source. If you get hot along the way, jump in the river to cool down! After navigating your way around some narrow ledges, you’ll arrive at camp mid-afternoon.

Day 4: TeyunaParaiso Camp/Wiwa Camp. You’re just an hour away from the Lost City, but first you must conquer the 1,200 steps built by ancient Tayrona people. The gorgeous views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains are well worth the effort. Learn about this incredible historical site from your guide. Return to camp for a swim and a bit of lunch, then begin the return trek.

Day 5: Wiwa Camp/Ricardito Camp. Follow the path through small Kogi villages dotted amongst the deep jungle as you head to Ricardito Camp. Enjoy the sunset on your arrival and admire the beautiful views.

Day 6: Gotsezhi Village/Santa Marta. Head to the indigenous community of Gotsezhi and learn about the Wiwa customs or visit the nearby waterfalls. You will also enjoy lunch prepared by women in the local community before returning to Santa Marta for a night in a hotel.

Day 7: Santa Marta. Trip ends. Depart at any time.

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