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Learn Martial Arts

Looking to learn martial arts abroad in amazing locations? Gap years are about more than just seeing the world! For many travellers a gap trip offers the chance to master a new skill and to add to your specialist knowledge. If you're looking to be quick as lightning (and little bit frightening), then you could use your gap year travels to become a master of the sacred practice of martial arts.

On your gap year you can try different types of martial art, learning from some of the most experienced and inspirational teachers in your chosen field. Learn Kung Fu at a martial arts academy in China or try out the amazing martial art of Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand. Learn from the masters and go martial arts mad on your gap year!

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Learn martial arts on your gap year

Everybody’s Kung Fu fighting…

Learn the ancient martial art of Kung Fu at an extraordinary Chinese martial arts academy. Live and train at an extraordinary Buddhist temple in the foothills of the Himalayas. Learn new martial arts skills in this idyllic and inspirational location in China!

Muay Thai magic

Head to Thailand to learn the ancient martial art of Muay Thai Boxing. Train at a fight school and gym by the beach on the idyllic island of Koh Tao. Muay Thai Boxing is an ideal martial art to get you started. If you want to learn an unusual, challenging and beautiful skill that will have you fighting fit in no time, Muay Thai is the perfect martial art!

Master a martial art on your gap year!

2-4 weeks

Spend up to four weeks mastering your Muay Thai fighting skills on this intensive Thai boxing training course. Train hard with expert trainers, then cool off in the idyllic island seas of Koh Tao! Perfect!

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