Laos Flexi Loop

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Duration: Minimum 12 days

Trip code: LAFL

The Laos Flexi Loop is an amazing, hop-on-hop-off experience and the ideal way to explore Northern Thailand and Laos. This round trip from Bangkok is the ultimate in fun and flexible travel! You can choose from two options:

Option 1: Bus pass only. A flexible, hop-on-hop-off bus pass which includes travel and some inclusive activities, but no accommodation or meals.

Option 2: Flexi tour. Hop-on-hop-off bus pass + 1 night’s accommodation in each stop off and exciting extra activities.

You can complete the travel route in a minimum time of 12 days, or enjoy the freedom to hop on and hop off and add in independent travel time: Most of our travellers spend 2-3 weeks exploring Thailand and Laos. See stunning sights such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Mekong River, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. Take your time travelling at your own pace!

Trip highlights

  • Treat the bus pass route as a tour and complete it in a minimum time of 12 days, or hop off and spend a little longer in Thailand and Laos
  • Choose our bus pass only (option 1), or join our flexi tour (option 2) which includes one night’s accommodation in each stop off and exciting extra activities such as a ziplining adventure, rice farm experience and waterfall excursion
  • Explore Northern Thailand: Begin in the buzz of Bangkok, discover the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and hang out in the cool city of Chiang Mai
  • Cross the border into Laos: Take a 2-day slowboat ride down the Mekong River, relax in Luang Prabang, get active in fun Vang Vieng and explore cultural Vientiane
  • Head off the beaten track, visit unique locations and enjoy exciting activities on this unforgettable Asian bus pass adventure!
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