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You Want to Travel, but Don't Know Where? - Our Guide to Travel Stardom

We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt - you want to go away, but you have absolutely no idea where you actually want to go. The worst bit is most of us want to tick off the whole world, which then causes the dilemma of where you start it all off. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Follow our guide below and you’ll be bracing yourself for your first big adventure in no time.

1. Grab a Map, now!

World map with markers in Australia, Asia, South America

The best place to start is by printing off a world map and highlighting each country you want to visit. By having a visual guide in front of you you’ll be able to spot any trends – for example, is there a particular continent that’s shining its way to the forefront of your mind? Is there a corner of the world you’re not as bothered about? Take this map as gospel and stick to it; even if there are 40 countries on there you’ll start to see which part of the world is more you.


2. Sucker for a killer climate? 

Do a bit of research, and suss out what’s important to you. If you couldn’t give two hoots about the weather – what’s the sort of thing that’ll make or break your trip? If adventure sports are high on your lists then countries like India probably won’t satisfy your taste buds, but if you’re looking for amazing food…

3. Suss out how long you want to be away for

Some smaller countries can be seen in a couple of weeks, whereas some would take months to truly discover. Are you looking to scrape the surface and see as much as possible, or head out to one country for a couple of months? Either way think about your intended trip duration and tailor your location around it ie- most people would head to Australia for a longer period of time than Thailand.

4. Your Travel Style

Have you got some serious solo swag, or would you prefer to dominate in a group of 30? Our trips all vary in size, so if you’re after one type of trip in particular then ask us what each one is all about and we’ll guide you in the right direction. Sometimes matters as small as this can make a trip – so if meeting other travelers on the road is important to you then this is something seriously big to consider!

5. Budget

Travelling can prove to be as expensive, or cheap as you’d like. If you have a budget, look over the Gap 360 site and check out the price ranges of our trips – you’ll then get an idea of what you can afford and what’s realistic for you.


Got a short list immerging? Phew! Even if you’ve nailed it down to two/three locations you’ve done really well, the next step is to read in to each country and look into our itineraries and before you know it you’ll be booked on to a trip which will change your life!

Check out the destinations we offer trips to, to get your juices flowing!

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