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Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye to your son or daughter as they jet off around the world can be a difficult prospect to get your head around, and as the departure date gets closer and closer, you may be having your doubts about them leaving. It's natural for parents to worry and your son or daughter will undoubtedly have their own concerns as well, but remember that a gap year is a unique opportunity for them to really discover more about the world and truly 'find themselves'. This doesn't mean you won't worry! But it may help if you remind yourself why you have agreed to let them do this in the first place. On our wide range of travel advice pages we've put together some tips to help reduce those pre-gap year parental anxieties, reassuring you about everything from finance worries to safety fears and health concerns. Put your mind at rest and try not to let worrying take over!

Common concerns

A gap year is an incredible and unique opportunity, but it takes careful planning, a lot of dedication and determination. You might be wondering if it is best for them to travel alone or with friends? If they do head off solo they'll be among the 60% of gap travellers who currently choose to travel alone. It's most likely that your son or daughter has never done anything like this before so it's perfectly normal to be concerned about how they will manage to not only travel independently, but also organise and fund their trip. Whether you are worrying about the financing of their gap trip, their safety when they are out there, whether or not they'll be able to cope on their own, or the best way of keeping them healthy while they're away, Gap 360's advice for parents aims to answer any questions you might have and reassure you that your son or daughter will have the an unforgettable and unique experience during their travels.

Helpful advice

You'll find plenty of information on our advice for parents pages, including tips on how your son or daughter can stay safe abroad. If you are worried about your daughter travelling alone, take a look at our advice for female travellers and ensure that she stays safe on her gap year. If you chat to any other parents in the same situation, you'll soon find that it's quite normal to worry about your son or daughter's upcoming adventures. However, if you gather as much advice and information about the best ways to prepare for a gap year, you can reduce your anxiety and ensure that all sensible plans and preparations are made, so you can put your mind at rest.

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