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Why It's OK to Take a Gap Year "Just for Fun"

You’ve been slaving away for years gathering work experience and UCAS points and ‘things that look good on your CV’ and now you want a break! Something just for fun. We don’t blame you!

But what’s that niggling guilty feeling in the back of your mind?

Wouldn’t my time be better spent at an internship? Shouldn’t I be doing some more online courses? What if going travelling means I don’t get a job?



Here’s why:

You deserve it!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

You’ve been working super hard getting essays done, learning new skills, and getting job ready. You need a break and there’s no better way to let your hair down than a round-the-world adventure!

You won’t get this chance again

Let’s face it. Pretty soon you’ll be entering the world of work and you won’t escape for many…many…many years. Make the most of the freedom you have now and get out there and explore. We promise you, you’ll never regret seeing the world when you’re sat in your office chair in twenty years’ time.

Adventure is worthwhile” – Aesop

Yes you’ll be having loads of fun, but that doesn’t mean you’re not developing as a person. You’ll be experiencing new cultures, broadening your horizons and getting experience of being out on your own in the world. You’ll come back a stronger, more experienced human being. That’s no bad thing.

You’ll make friends

Life is about making connections and enjoying yourself. And there’s nothing better than making new friends to make you feel alive. And who knows where those new friends will end up? Having friends from around the world is always useful!

Travelling is meant to be fun!

There are a lot of reasons for going travelling, but having fun has to be right at the top. Travelling is all about celebrating the wonderful diversity and beauty of the world. Let loose and have fun! It’s good for the soul!

….And if you really can’t bear to have fun for fun’s sake, why not try one of our Learn & Develop travel packages? You can combine fun with progress! Perfect!

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