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Why is Insurance So Important?

By Rachel Watson

Last updated: 28th January 2015

If you’ve been booked onto your Gap 360 trip for a while now, you’ll probably have received a few emails from us, reminding you to book your travel insurance as soon as you can. You may be wondering why we’re so keen for you to sort this out, and the answer is because we care about you! Insurance may well be one of the less interesting parts of planning your adventure, but it couldn’t be more important. And here’s why…

Protect yourself against the unexpected

Once you start booking your programmes, flights and any extras for your trip the money you’ve spent soon mounts up. I know you’re not planning on cancelling or changing your trip, but things do happen. Need to re-sit some exams when you’re supposed to be in Thailand? Break your leg the week before you’re meant to fly to Australia? A family member falls ill and you need to stay home with them instead of jetting off to South Africa? These are just some of the things that travel insurance protects you against… it’s not nice to think about, but if something like this does happen, the last thing you want is to lose a lot of money as well. Protect yourself: get that insurance booked now!

Protect yourself while you’re having fun on your trip

No doubt you’ve been daydreaming about all of the cool things you’re going to be doing once you get stuck into your trip! Well, so have we… and we’ve designed a travel insurance policy with our customers in mind. It’s a pretty major buzz kill to have to think about insurance before you can join a bamboo rafting trip, or sign up for a safari. When you’re looking at volunteer programmes or paid job options you don’t want to have to say no to a great opportunity because your insurance policy won’t cover you to do it. Because our policies have been specially written for our programmes, you can rest assured you’re covered* – and can concentrate on enjoying your time away without worrying!

Protect yourself while you’re NOT having fun on your trip

No one wants to get sick on holiday. But it does happen, and you want to make sure you can seek the best possible medical assistance to get better quickly without being landed with a hefty bill. If you’re really poorly you want to be flown safely home for treatment, or have a family member flown out to be with you if you’re too sick for that. Don’t think “it won’t happen to me” because (and I hate to say this, but…) it might. Don’t make a bad situation worse by taking out substandard cover that leaves you wondering how you’re going to raise thousands of pounds to pay your hospital bills.

Protect your personal belongings while you’re away

We all know how gutting it is to lose your phone, or your wallet. That’s why our claims team will do their best to get your money to you within 24 hours of making a claim – direct to your bank account, so you can replace what you’ve lost with the minimal amount of fuss. Many travel insurance companies won’t cover your mobile phone, but we do – as well as all of your other important gadgets such as tablets, cameras and MP3 players.

Protect yourself with a policy that’s worth the money you’ve paid for it

Travel insurance is probably the only thing we spend money on but hope never to use! That’s why it’s easy to put off, or look for the cheapest policy out there. However, cheap isn’t always best when it comes to insurance… if you do need to make a claim then you want to be able to speak to a human being, who will be able to get process everything speedily and with as less stress to you as possible. You also want a policy that actually pays out, and doesn’t use loopholes and small print to get out of covering your claim, or charge you a huge excess which swallows up all of your refund when they do pay.

Protect yourself with Gap 360 travel insurance for peace of mind

Gap 360 customers don’t have ordinary trip itineraries, so an ordinary travel insurance policy won’t do either.

Here at Gap 360 we work with Endsleigh, who are a well established, reputable insurance company based in Cheltenham, UK. Endsleigh are the only insurance company recommend by the National Union of Stduents (NUS) and we’ve partnered with them to offer a bespoke policy, specially written for our customers, and the type of travel you do. Our policies cover you for cancellation or curtailment charges, personal accident, emergency medical expenses, overseas legal expenses, personal money, passport and documents, baggage, and personal liability – all to a high amount. Unlike many other companies we will cover existing medical conditions (providing you have not received treatment for the condition, nor been diagnosed during the past twelve months) and have a low excess of just £50.

Talk to us!

If you’re still confused about travel insurance or want to chat through your options with someone, then get in touch with Gap 360’s resident travel insurance expert Rachel. She’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and help you book up a policy for your time away.

You can also read more details about the policies and book online, here

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