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What is Gap Year Travel?

Traditionally, a gap year was an extended break taken just after finishing school, before starting university, or just after graduating. Nowadays, gap year travel covers a lot more than that!

Gap year travel can come in all shapes and sizes. Trips can be as long or as short as you like: anything from a few days, to a few months, to a few years! There’s also no limit to when you can take a gap year. If you have the time and the passion for seeing new things, just do it! A gap year can even take the form of a career break; a chance to get away from the world of work and then return to your career refreshed.

The most important thing is that this is more than just a holiday. Gap year travel is a chance to develop as a person, open yourself to new ideas, see new places, meet exciting people, and gain unique experiences that will boost you in the years to come!

The advantages of gap year travel

  • See the World: There's nothing more rewarding and eye-opening than seeing new places and learning about different ways of life.
  • Find Yourself: Discover passions and skills you didn't know you had!
  • CV Boost: Add that extra sparkle to your CV or personal statement. A gap year shows that you're not afraid to try new things or work with new people, and that you can appreciate different cultures and languages!
  • Have Fun: What is gap year travel? It's a chance to relax, have fun and focus on the important things in life. Brilliant!

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