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What Are Our Lovely Au Pairs Thankful for

By Gap 360

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, Brits tend to have an idea as to what happens from the countless American TV shows and films that we watch. 

This year we have asked some of our au pairs (and a couple that have recently completed the programme!) what they are thankful for. This is what they said…

I am thankful for all the fun times!!

I love everything here, my family are great, the area I live in is awesome, I have great friends and I start classes in January! Us English au pairs meet up almost every weekend, we had a crazy night out last night and they all crashed at mine! Love love love it and no complaints from me!! Hannah, Brooklyn

I am thankful for the amazing new opportunities I have had as an au pair.

I enjoy working with kids and when I found out about the au pair programme I had to look into it more and see what it was all about, then next thing I knew I was on a plane to New York to start something new that I wouldn’t usually have the chance to do! Callum, New York

I’m going to the college of Saint Elizabeth here in NJ and will be studying the Across America course, it’s three weekends through May and June and then we travel to Washington DC, so I’ll be there for Independence Day.  I’m so excited!! Sophie, New Jersey

 I was an au pair last year and I am now back in America studying. I’m at University of Denver doing my Masters in Counseling Psychology. - Emma, Colorado

I am thankful for American holidays

We are all getting ready for Thanksgiving this week and then Christmas!! Yay! Aaron, Colorado

July 4th was amazing! I went into New York to watch Macy’s fireworks display and it was so nice to see everyone being patriotic. Everything  was Stars and Stripes and red, white and blue. Kalsey, New Jersey

I am thankful for my lovely host family

I have just arrived at my host family’s home, they are so welcoming. I have loved every minute so far! Amy, New Jersey

I can talk to my host mum about anything and she always takes it on board which is the main thing! Emma, Illinois

I really, really cannot believe how lucky I have been with my host family! They’re amazing!!! They have been so welcoming it has been wonderful. Tabitha, New Jersey

I am thankful for finding American treats in the supermarket

After returning from Au Pairing, I was overjoyed to see the American section in Tesco this morning!  Cheez Itz, Lucky Charms, Tootsie Rolls, Hersheys… I miss America! -  Hannah, New Jersey

I am thankful for having a home away from home!

NYC & Brooklyn feel way too much like home I have no idea how I’m going to leave, I well up just thinking about it! Natasha, New York

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