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Travelling: Are You Ever Actually On Your Own?

We feel your pain, solo traveller. It's pretty nerve racking travelling on your own for the first time, but rest assured there IS light on the other side - a very bright one! There's so many amazing things you can learn about yourself and others when you travel solo, and the best part is that Gap 360 is made up of approx 84% of go-it-alone travellers which means you'll always make other mates abroad!

Need some convincing? Here's why we think you should travel solo:

You make new friends easier

80% of Gap 360 travellers actually travel on their own, but the thing is - they're never actually alone! On trips like Thai Adventure our summer departures are packed out with 30 other travellers. Most of these lovely lot travel on their own, which means you'll make tonnes of new mates! If you're on your own you're more approachable to those who are also on their own, and you won't have your home mates pulling you back. There's no need to be shy, get involved!

We'll pair you with other travellers for the flight!

Scared of flying alone? If you book your flight through us, we can see who else is on your departure and partner you up with our other customers. It means you can get to know your fellow travellers before your trip has even started! With Gap 360, you'll get a buddy list! Four weeks before departure we'll send you your buddy list, which has the names and emails of all of those other travellers on your trip. You can hit them up before hand - there's often groups made on Facebook and we always see Twitter conversations popping up before big departures!

You'll gain a new found confidence

Trust us when we say that you'll come back bigger, brighter and bubblier than you've ever been! Travelling really puts you out there, and by relying on yourself for a few weeks you'll feel like you can do ANYTHING.

'You've got a friend'/24 hour support

Travel with us, and you're never alone. You'll travel around with an expert tour guide (they'll take you to all of all of the best places!) and if there ever was an emergency, you'll have the assistance of our emergency 24/7 helpline. Our team in the UK/Aus are there to support you before, during and after your big trip too!

It's a great way to feel independent

Living at home? Travelling is a great way to sample life on the other side!

You'll want to go again!

Meet a load of amazing new people on your trip with us? We offer a multi trip discount so if you wanted to meet even more people on another solo adventure, you'll get a bit of extra money off. It's our way of saying thanks!


If you're thinking of going solo and want to travel in big groups, try our Thai Adventure. In the summer, it's a surefire way to meet 30 new friends!

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