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Travelling Alone or with Friends

Deciding whether you should travel alone or with friends in one of the most important decisions you have to make. Travelling with friends can be a great way to have fun and bond as a group. But travelling on your own is equally amazing, and in many ways, it’s better!

Travelling alone? You're not alone!

Currently, around 70% of people who set off on a gap year travel alone. This means that if you travel alone there will be loads of people in the same boat as you! Even if you start out on your own, you won't be alone for long as you'll soon be making new friends around the world. Trust us, it will happen!

How do I travel with friends?

If you decide to travel with friends, it's important to determine what kind of trip you want, and make sure you have similar expectations. Think about the type of activities that really interest you and make sure that you, and any friends you travel with, are on the same page.

Pros of travelling with friends

  • You know you will always have company and never be lonely.
  • You can plan exciting activities together and share the same experiences, that you can reflect on for years afterwards.
  • Financing: if you travel with someone else it can cut your costs. For example, you can share travel costs like accommodation and food and even share your kit!
  • Top tip: It's important and healthy to occasionally spend a little time apart from one another. It doesn't have to be a long time, just a couple of hours to do your own thing like shopping, or going for a swim or a walk.

Pros of travelling alone

  • You have complete freedom to do exactly what you want to do and go where you want to go because your time and budget is your own!
  • Meeting new people is easy and fun, and you're much more likely to make new friends as a solo traveler.
  • Travelling alone allows you plenty of time for quiet thinking and self-reflection. You may find yourself setting new ideas and goals when you have the opportunity for some peace and quiet on your own.
  • You can book a group tour and have a host of new friends straight away!

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