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A lioness lying in long grass

Top Trips to Volunteer with Wildlife

This blog is for all the animal lovers out there… So you’re thinking of jetting off somewhere on your gap year, you want it to be constructive (to a certain extent) and you’re a massive fan of wildlife… well look no further, these trips are made for you!

Volunteering with wildlife is a great way to get closer (both physically and emotionally) with animals you simply don’t have at home. Trust us when we say - you will really make a connection with them. Not only do you get to see the animals in their natural habitat, you also dedicate time to make a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Scroll on down to discover; where you can head off to, how you can make an impact and which animals you’ll be spending time with… 

Thailand - Elephant Experience

Volunteers standing with a herd of elephants

If you’ve always wanted to walk side-by-side with elephants, this is the one for you. Based in the beautiful Surin province in Thailand, you’ll be staying at the elephant village getting hands-on to help ensure and safeguard the elephant’s futures. Tasks include planting crops, feeding these gentle giants and washing them down at the river. 

Namibia - Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteers throw food over a fence to a Cheetah in it's enclosure

Located on a private reserve with views over mountain ranges and a natural Savannah, this Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary is spectacular. Whilst volunteering on the reserve you’ll get the opportunity to care for injured or abandoned wildlife including cheetahs, leopards, baboons and meerkats. Most of the work at the sanctuary is rehabilitation orientated so this includes feeding, grooming, cleaning and maintaining the enclosures and even the odd walk with baboons.

Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Conservation

A turtle underwater

Just to clarify, we’re talking about baby sea turtles here! This Costa Rican turtle conservation was set up to assist with the nesting season. Volunteers will play an important part by helping to construct a turtle hatchery where eggs found on the beach will be taken for protection. Once the eggs have hatched, the baby turtles with be released back into the sea.

South Africa - Big 5 Conservation

A lioness lying in long grass

Located near Port Elizabeth this South African reserve has it all, The Big 5! Volunteers will assist in many ways including monitoring the animals in their natural habitat as well as caring for them in the sanctuary, this includes lions and sometimes tigers! In addition to this you’ll do some work to look after the landscape, such as clearing bush, repairing fences and preserving vegetation.

Australia - Wildlife Volunteer

A group of kangaroos in an open area eating straw

Go Down Under and protect Australia’s unique wildlife. You’ll be working on Kangaroo Island looking after koalas, wallabies, possums and take a wild guess …yep, Kangaroos! You’ll be involved in essential conservation work from tree planting to counting up koalas. 


Well, where do you go from here?! Outlined above is just a selection of some awesome wildlife volunteering options out there. With so many great opportunities to improve the welfare of such incredible animals, have some fun and grow as an individual we thoroughly recommend you go for it! If you need some assistance or want to learn more on the trips don't hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

Now get out there and lend a helping hand to some furry and scaly friends!

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