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Arenal volcano smouldering with smoke amongst dense jungle

Tom's Costa Rican Adventure

By Gap 360

Last updated: 1st May 2013

Hi guys! Tom from Gap 360 here. Last month I made my way over to Costa Rica to check out our awesome projects, and guess what? I loved it!

So what’s so great about Costa Rica?  Well, let me bend your ear a minute and let me tell you about one of the most amazing countries I have ever visited (and I’ve been to a few – not to blow my own trumpet or anything!). 

I don’t have enough time to tell you everything I love about this tiny but bursting-at-the-seems country but I’ll try and highlight a few reasons.   It could be down to the fact that the country seems to be covered in lush rainforest, sandwiched between never ending secluded, fine-sand beaches.  It’s also the smiles on the faces of the friendly people who you meet.   I find it rare these days that you can go to almost any destination in the world and not be pestered to buy the wares of local sellers.  But in Costa Rica there was no such thing, just a genuine interest in chatting, learning about you and making sure you see the very best of their country even make new friends. 

And what about the activities?  Endless opportunities to encourage adrenaline to course through your veins from white water rafting, zip lings, bungee jumping, volcano hikes,  surfing.  For those less inclined to these extremes walks through the wildlife rich rainforests, dipping into the untouched crystal blue waterfalls and their pools or bathing in the natural hot springs – water pools heated exclusively by the active volcanoes – won’t be short of ideas in Costa Rica.  At the end of the day settle down in a hammock and join the locals with an extravagant cocktail, watching the sun set over the Pacific ocean.   Blissful.

To me one of the best aspects of Costa Rica is that whilst it is fully accessible, popular and set up to show off to travellers, it has that elusive ‘undiscovered’ element to it.  How many people do you speak to who say “yes, i’ve been to Costa Rica”?  To me, it’s an off the beaten track destination, hidden and exclusive to the privileged few.   Great experiences and memories are promised around every corner (or should I say over every volcano!) packed with variety and, more importantly to travellers, value. 

Costa Rica Adventure offers much of the above and more.  Packing in a week on both our Sea Turtle project and one on our house building project, split by activities by the bucket load, fun and perhaps the odd beer, this is 4 weeks that promises (and usually delivers – the Costa Rica Adventure scores highest out of all our Experiences in customer reviews) to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.   Against such stiff competition that speaks volumes for the fun, excitement, variety and energy that is involved in one month.  So if you fancy seeing a whole country, with that little twist of a difference and having the time of your life look no further; you just found what you were looking for.

Feel free to call me on 01892 527392 and I will be only too happy to bore you to death with my amazing memories from this beautiful destination!

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