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kids on a white sand beach in zanzibar with palm trees in the background

Sally Reaches Zanzibar - An Exotic, Chaotic Paradise!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 10th July 2013

After Sally's first night in Dar, the next stop was the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar...

The local driver dropped me at the ferry port and purchased the ticket, so it was all nice and straightforward – be careful of the local “porters” who show you to your seat – falling for this myself I realised they then expect a big tip in return and you don’t really need them! Having dosed up on motion sickness tablets in preparation for the 2 hours “choppy” journey I had read about, it was surprisingly calm and bump-free so I relaxed and enjoyed the trip!

The driver from the Zanzibar team was there to meet me at the other end (again be prepared to be bombarded by taxi drivers in the process!) and I arrived at the very comfortable yet basic accommodation at the volunteer house located in the heart of Stone Town – could not be more ideal! After a quick freshen-up, it was time to explore.

I immediately noticed the difference between Dar and Zanzibar (and later, Moshi) in the surroundings, climate, people, and way of life. The heat hit me with full force in Stone Town, and walking through the streets you should be respectful that the population is predominantly Muslim and therefore covered up – a challenge in the weather as I was sweating like a trooper!

Stone Town is truly awesome. A maze of winding cobbled narrow streets, the most incredible market, great souvenir shopping, churches, mosques, and plenty of bars and restaurants to relax in. The team leader is well known in town which is a great bonus when getting to know the place, and you feel very safe there. The town is also packed full of history with spice tours and old slave chambers which I wish I had had more time to experience (along with a trip to the stunning beaches of Kendwa!!). There is plenty to do in your free time! But how could I complain - after a few happy hour cocktails watching the sunset, the night food market was a welcome sight with all types of local food on offer – a beef-filled Tanzanian pizza was quite different from the kind we are used to, but absolutely delicious! 

Next stop, my time volunteering...

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