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Round the World, or Round the Block?

We bet if we were to ask you right here, right now where you wanted to go travelling, you'd be able to tell us. (Go on, give it a go).

From there, how do you feel about travelling around the world? (It's a little bit scary, right?). Wrong, sista.

Once you've put a plan of action in place, done you research and sussed out where you want to go, grab a map and put in all your 'I HAVE TO GO HERE OR ELSE' locations in to the great abyss. This will tell you whether you want to travel round the world, or 'round the block', one continent at a time.

Here at Gap 360, we've just launched a whole load of new round the worlds to get you started but if you're not sure which way you'd swing, check out our guide...

Man standing on a peak with arms outstretched with a city and harbour in the background

You know Round The Worlds are for you if...

  • You thrive on adventure: routines are boring for you. You'd rather be able to take the world at your own pace, you lil' explorer, you. 
  • You like being a bit sassy, and mixing up travel styles: you like the idea of travelling in groups, and trying out trips like the Thailand Experience (but then again, a bit of solo travel would go down a treat too!)
  • You want to go EVERYWHERE: you'll travel to Asia and then raid Australia and New Zealand, before heading to the US for hot dogs/burgers/fun things. 
  • You love the idea of travelling 'round the world': Maybe it's been a life's dream for you? It's time to smash it!
  • The motion of the wind blowing through your hair is your absolute favourite: in campsites, tuk tuks, on treks - you name it, the gust has ruffled it.

A group of travellers walking down a path through gardens and ruins

You know Round The Blocks for you if...

  • You're pretty deep: looking at things in great detail is your bag. Scratching the surface doesn't quite do it for you!
  • You like seeing all the best bits of a country, and then some: A country is much more than its capital city. Our Experience trips are perfect for exploring off the radar spots!
  • You're wanting to concentrate on one 'area': you know you like Asia, so Asia you shall stay!
  • You LOVE Indian/Thai/American food and will only be content with 'that' type of nosh for the foreseeable future. End of.
  • You want to take your time: The world's going to be here a while yet; there's time for other continents later!

Whether you're keen to get stuck in to a massive RTW adventure or a more precise round-the-block style trip, you're going to have the best time traveller. All of the team have done their own 'big' trips and have had the best time. Laura loved her round the world this year, yet Oli spent a month in India over the summer and loved his experience.

What camp do you sit within, traveller? Let us know by tweeting us @gap360official

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